How Much Does A Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? We get ask this question everyday in emails and phone calls. At no time will we quote a price for a website in an email. There are no two websites and website situations alike so we can't answer that question until we talk to you on the phone or in our office.

Our website packages start with a one page Business Card Website with a minimum website management and hosting fee of $25.00 a month.  We offer a Small Business start up website package with a minimum monthly website management and hosting fee of $40.00.

Ecommerce and Financial Websites are our most expensive and involved sites to build and manage and requires special attention to security.

We support some non-profit youth groups,small churches and non-profit charities with a free website and hosting. Contact us if you're interest and think you qualify for this special offer.

If you need or are interested in a website to promote your business in the internet, we invite you to contact us with a phone call or an email from our Contact Page with a phone number and time we can contact you.

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